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Reserve Heart Space for your one-on-one session, group class, seminar, or special event.

Our collective space offers a unique approach for you, the mindful movement teacher. You pay a fair rental fee, based on frequency and duration of offerings, you take home the rest. This allows you to have more independence, encouraging your growth as an entrepreneur, all while honoring your dedication to the practice. As a teacher, you will handle your schedule and the exchange from your clients. It is encouraged that you find the most effective way to advertise for your clientele, to promote your offerings as you see fit.

  • As a space, cleaning supplies are available. An updated schedule and postings are kept on the website, weekly Instagram and Facebook posts (descriptions provided to Jayme from teacher).
  • As a collective, we contribute to keeping the space tidy. We will stagger the class times appropriately, leaving a minimum of 30 minutes between classes to provide a sense of ease. 
  • If you would like to rent our space, on a regular or one time basis, please fill out our short inquiry form. Jayme will contact you for a brief phone meeting to ensure that we are an ideal fit for your offering/services. Thank you for your inquiry. 

Heart Space is available to rent on an hourly basis to yoga or mindful movement instructors, holistic or wellness practitioners, photographers/videographers or even for small group gatherings that are in alignment with our vision. It is an ideal space for one on one or group classes/workshops/events.

Space Rental Rates

Please contact Jayme at 239-826-267 or for current rental rates. 

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