How much do the classes at Heart/Space cost?

The cost of the classes vary by teacher. Because we offer a unique service model, inspiring our teachers to be entrepreneurs, the teachers are responsible for their own schedule, pricing and exchanges. Please follow the schedule or review the teachers for contact information. 

How do I sign up for a class or workshop?

Our teachers run their own schedules. Please click on the “SCHEDULE” tab and link to the teacher’s information either the “TEACHER” or “CLASSES and EVENTS” page.

How do I find the teacher’s contact information?

The class name is clickable. Please click the class name which will take you to the teacher’s contact information. OR Find the “TEACHER” Tab along the top of the website under “CALENDAR/SCHEDULE”

What is the etiquette for a yoga class?

In general, yoga etiquette is in place to create a sense of peace within the space. Thank you for collectively working together to create a space that is welcoming and calm.

  1. Please arrive early, the door may be locked after class begins to prevent late-comers from startling practitioners.
  2. Plan on staying for the entire class. This also prevents disruption to other practitioners.
  3. Please leave your cell phone in the entry room, along with making sure it is silenced and/or on Airplane Mode. This is your time!
  4. Please leave shoes in the cubbies to assist with maintaining a clean space (there are also cultural and spiritual traditions regarding this).
  5. Please try to bring your own props.
  6. Use this time to practice respect and compassion with yourself, each other and the teacher/guide.