About The Founder

Dear teacher and student,

I give my story so that you know where I began and because I want you all to know me and I want to know you. My intention is to provide compassionate service, all while creating a loving community, a collective. 

My name is Jayme. I grew up in Fort Myers, where I attended Cypress Lake High School. I left for college (University of Florida) in 1998, where I received a Master of Physical Therapy in 2004.  After 15 years of my husband’s (David) Air Force career, he, I and our two children, Andrew (12) and Audrey(9) moved  to Fort Myers in July of 2019. My parents and 2 sisters live here (1 brother in Colorado); David’s family also lives here (originally from NJ).

Life has thrown a curve in most people’s plans this past 1+ year. With this being said, my family and I made a difficult, yet exciting, decision to return to Maryland. We have enjoyed and are thankful for the time we have had with family and friends in Fort Myers. I am thankful for the opportunity to open Heart/Space and connect with so many amazing people. The space will remain open and will be in good hands with the beautiful teachers.

I hope you all continue to enjoy the space, our teachers and your journey. Thank you for being a part of mine. I will continue to participate in the growth of the space remotely. Please reach out to me any time.


“The light in me honors the light in you”,