About The Founder

Dear teacher and student,

I give my story so that you know where I began and because I want you all to know me and I want to know you. My intention is to provide compassionate service, all while creating a loving community, a collective. 

My name is Jayme. I grew up in Fort Myers, where I attended Cypress Lake High School. I left for college (University of Florida) in 1998, where I received a Master of Physical Therapy in 2004. I never thought I would come “home.” After 15 years of my husband’s (David) Air Force career, he and our two children, Andrew (11) and Audrey(8) decided to move “home.” My parents and 2 sisters live here (1 brother in Colorado); David’s family has since moved here from NJ, so this move made “perfect sense,” not to mention this weather is paradise. 

I have spent these years practicing Physical Therapy in a variety of settings, which included serving the pediatric population and their families. I have set this aside for now; the knowledge and experience I gained from this has prepared me for the next part of my journey.  

I have been practicing yoga for many years. My passion and interest has shifted to sharing the gift of yoga. I have been teaching for 3+ years. My 200 hour + training has occurred in a variety of places across the USA and I have a special interest in studying “trauma sensitive” yoga. 

I am very excited about this new journey and am honored for you to join me and all of Heart Space.


“The light in me honors the light in you”,